Board Members and Officers


Board of Directors

Sharon Gray MS LAc (Emeritus - Resigned in 2013)

Sharon Gray is a licensed acupuncturist who has been studying whole foods nutrition independently and formally for over 15 years. She completed her B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) through the University of Maine, before earning her M.S. in Acupuncture through Bastyr University. Inspired by her own recovery from a chronic digestive illness, she combines acupuncture, massage, and nutrition therapy in her private practice, specializing in digestive health. Her mission is to teach simple acts of self-care that can make empowering changes in one’s life. You can also learn more by visiting her website at She joined the board of directors in 2010.


Susan Mattison

Susan Mattison has over 18 years of client and project management experience with Intel Corporation's Sales and Marketing Group where she thrived on finding ways to bring people together to work in a cooperative spirit resulting in relationships that produce long-term business value and organizational success. Susan received her BS in Ceramic Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. In recent years, she has focused her talent and energy working with a variety of non-profits and acquiring a Certificate in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Because dietary modifications due to food intolerances have been life changing for her family, Susan is enthusiastic about applying her business skills to her passions of protecting our health and natural environment. She joined the board of directors in 2010.


Cornelius Rosse (Emeritus - Resigned after nearly 6 years of service)

A native of Hungary, Cornelius received his medical degree (M.B., Ch.B. ­ equivalent of the American M.D.) from the University of Bristol, England, and later two additional doctoral degrees in biomedical science in recognition for his research on blood cell formation and the body's anticancer mechanisms. In 1967 he moved to the United States and joined the faculty of the School of Medicine, University of Washington. He served as Chair of the Department of Biological Structure and during his tenure he was instrumental in establishing the department's Cancer Research Center, Biomolecular Structure Center and Structural Informatics Group. He has written three textbooks on various aspects of anatomy and numerous scientific papers in the areas of hematopoietic cell differentiation, medical education and computer-based anatomical knowledge representation. Dr. Rosse joined the board of directors in 2008.


Other Officers


Thomas Mercer

Mr. Mercer is President and Treasurer of the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation. He co-founded the Foundation in 2005 with Dr. Wangen and served as a board member in 2005-2006. Mr. Mercer has food allergies and at one time met the diagnostic criteria for IBS. He supports the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation both financially and through dedicated effort. He is in excellent health and enjoys mountaineering, whitewater rafting, flying, scuba diving, and travel.


Dr. Stephen Wangen

Dr. Stephen Wangen serves as the Research Director of the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation. He is a board certified physician and Chief Medical Officer for both the IBS Treatment Center and the Center for Food Allergies in Seattle, Washington. He received his doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. He co-founded the Foundation in 2005 with Thomas Mercer. Dr. Wangen was diagnosed with IBS in 1994 and researched his condition while in medical school. He was able to determine that he was gluten intolerant and had other food allergies and today is in excellent health. This formed the foundation for his passion in helping others discover their path to better health. He continues to see patients in Seattle and is the author of the recent books "Healthier Without Wheat" and “The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution”. He also speaks locally and nationally on the topics of IBS and food allergies. Dr. Wangen serves on the board of trustees of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

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