Philosophy and Mission of the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation

The Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation was founded as the Innate Health Foundation in 2005 to promote health care that attempts to understand and optimize the health for which the human body is designed. Our focus was on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and related digestive disorders, and on the profound impact that food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances can have on health. Our initial efforts included grants to patients who could not otherwise afford proper testing and treatment, educational programs providing information about food allergies, online resources for finding the restaurants, food producers, and etc. so important to those with food allergies and intolerances, and a patient care package program.

In 2011, after much consideration, we decided to refocus our efforts and change our name. We formally became the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation in the spring of 2011.

The mission of the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation is:
We are dedicated to education and empowering individuals to become aware of the connection between persistent, unresolved health problems and food allergy or intolerance; advocating on their behalf.

More information about IBS, food allergies, and related health problems is available on this web site. We hope that you will take full advantage of it

We are a public charity, managed by an independent board of directors and operated in the public interest. The United State Internal Revenue Service approved our 501(c)3 public charity status using this letter under our initial name "Innate Health Foundation".

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